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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cable labels USA, Cabling installation cost saving 101

On average we can save our customers over 55% on labeling costs, with the our cable labels you can start saving straight away, the templates are FREE, plus there is not printer to buy as they print from any standard office printer. The range covers over 10 Cable Labels, to fit just about most cables.

Network Connections Group USA are installers of specialist data network for the cruise industry, building on this top quality skill set, we decided to offer all the products we use on our installation to our customer. Everything we sell has been used out in the field by our techs and is designed to save you and your company time and Money.

Cable Labels USA provides cable labeling products to ensure successful completion of projects based on Sensible Engineering and budgetary requirements. Over the years we have also used and tested hundreds of products, the best ones we sell and use in our company every day. From one cable label to thousands we have the right products for your network cable labeling; our cable labeling products are used by our own teams every week. We will have over 20 different cable labels to show and demo the printing of the labels.

Top 11 Reasons to use Cable Labels USA Laser labels.

1. The most cost effective way to label cables at or around 0.04c per label.
2. FREE software and Templates.
3. 15 sizes from thin to wide.
4. Will not jam in printers.
5. Buy only one sheet or a pack of 500
6. Used by our own engineers every day.
7. Will not come off the cable.
8. White back ground for great looking labels.
9. MADE IN THE USA and stocked here in America.
10. USE PROMO CODE :on check out and save a extra 10%
11. Direct support and help from Graham Barker, Leader of Network Connections Group USA

Cable Labels USA part of the Network Connections Group USA, Installation cost saving experts, are showing more