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Rite & wrap
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Save 75% on Cable Labels purchased by the sheet, over Hand held printers

With the use of our FREE software and templates our labels are now very cost effective, our CL4A come in 105 labels per sheet, CL10A 49 labels per sheet and CL12A 35 per sheet. With price of $2.49 per sheet for those small projects this make using our labels far more cost effective than any other system out there.

The New LS range offers even more cost savings with FREE templates and label sheets from $1.99 for 49 labels in our LS4, LS10, LS12 and LS38 range.

Now added three new sizes in our LS range at great prices and our new write & wrap hand labels.

All our labels are used via our own installation tech's every day, we offer the most cost effective labels and will save you 75% over a hand held unit and made in the USA.

E mail Cable Labels USA and we send you FREE samples today.