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Friday, October 8, 2010

Cable labels USA, Cabling installation cost saving experts

On average we can save our customers over 55% on labeling costs, with the our cable labels you can start saving straight away, the templates are FREE, plus there is not printer to buy as they print from any standard office printer. The range covers over 10 Cable Labels, to fit just about most cables.

Network Connections Group USA are installers of specialist data network for the cruise industry, building on this top quality skill set, we decided to offer all the products we use on our installation to our customer. Everything we sell has been used out in the field by our techs and is designed to save you and your company time and Money.

Mille ties and Mille rods, both great products, Mille ties are supplied in three type’s standard for day to day use, Plenum for those specified ceiling voids and the LS/ZH range for transport and high specification installs. These cable ties cannot be over tighten and can be re used, plus there is no throw away parts, us it (snip) and use the next part until it’s all gone, all for under $8.00 per pack.

CAD software from Cable Project USA, this is a very powerful CAD tool for designing structured cabling, import any drawing or photo and install your data network on the drawing, full reports and parts list, plus you can add your own rates and parts all for under $1000.00