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Thursday, February 11, 2010

3D CAD Estimation USA Structural Cable Design CAD

Welcome to online 3D Cad estimation a feature rich online program that works across all platforms and automates the design and estimating process.

Our new online Structured Cabling Design and Estimation software now has take off and many other new and great features. 3D Cabling Design software from CAD Estimation is a revolutionary online program for network design which enables automation of all of Network cabling designing within an integral system.

The 3D Cabling Design can be used to design LANs - Phone - TV - Surveillance - Fire and Burglar alarm systems - Access Control Systems - Fiber Optic networks.

With our extensive database of components and equipment which is updated regularly and over 20 reports here are a few more benefits of the software.
These features help you to control the assembly and automatic connection of all project details incorporating vendor technological features. Our technology permits visual development of projects rapidly and generates report documentation automatically.
The technology of this network design software.

permits visual development of projects rapidly and generates report documentation automatically.

Graphical CAD interface, Intelligent network cabling designing subsystem, Component library, Includes graphic documentation (plans and drafts), and text document (lists, specifications, log-books, etc.)

Network cabling process output:

* Architectural plan(s) with designed components layout
* Network cabling specification
* Extended cable log-book
* Bill of materials
* Estimation of costs
* Cable register
* Cable ducts register
* Register of connections for inappropriate producers
* Register of connections for inapplicable colors

Working with this network design software, many designers are solving their problems which they are facing when working on Network Cabling.

With these factors in mind, we worked closely with our customers and leading software technologists to develop new vastly improved software, which is unique in the industry. We looked outside the traditional range of design and believe that we now have the best and most cost effective design software in the market.


Friday, February 5, 2010

Cable Labels USA, has just completed research into the true comparative costs of preparing cable labels

The total number of cables to be labeled including the patch panel cables added up to 900 Cable Labels, with 49 labels per standard sheet as supplied via Cable Labels USA the cost of the labels would be just around $50.00 for the labels. Since there was no printer to buy as we would be using the Laser office printer and using the FREE software and templates it took our engineer only 30 minutes to input the info and print all 900 hundred labels. Total cost including labor just around $65.00 and the labels had been packaged up and taken to site.

We then purchased a hand held printer for $168.00 very nice hand held printer, we also purchased the labels tapes, with 18 feet on each tape we worked out we would get around 110 labels per tape cartridge, so 10 cartridges had to be purchased at a cost of $38.00 each $380.00, it then took our guy over 3 hours to input all the info at cost that was $85.00.

After the first cartridge jammed and the extra batteries requested or an extra $22.00 for an AC charger our tech had already made his mind up and returned the printer for a refund.

The total cost of the hand held printer was $655.00.

The bottom Line was Cable Labels Laser printer solution for 900 labels $65.00
Hand Held option for Cable Label printing for 900 labels $655.00

The Hand Held printer was around $600.00 more, so with a little planning in the office or on a site computer your company can make great cost savings in printing of your Cable labels.