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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

3D CAD Estimation USA Structural Cable Design CAD

3D CAD Estimation is the network design software, which enables automation of all of Network cabling designing as an integral system. It contains an extended and updated component library which includes, in addition to a general classification listing, also design characteristics for all products. These features help to control the assembly and automatic connection of all project details incorporating vendor technological features.

The technology of this network design software permits visual development of projects rapidly and generates report documentation automatically.

The most significant features of CAD Estimation are:

Graphical CAD interface, Intelligent network cabling designing subsystem, Component library, Project manager window, Includes graphic documentation (plans and drafts), and text document (lists, specifications, log-books, etc.)

Network cabling process output:

* Architectural plan(s) with designed components layout
* Network cabling specification
* Extended cable log-book
* Bill of materials
* Estimation of costs
* Cable register
* Cable ducts register
* Register of connections for inappropriate producers
* Register of connections for inapplicable colors